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    Good cnc lathe controller

    I might be looking at putting a new control system on a lathe I have.
    Any one have any suggestions on a good control?
    I have several centroids. Good control, lacking on conversational programming and speed.
    I know the Mach 3,4 stuff is junk. I need a pro level system.
    Fanuc & Siemens are pricey and have zero support.

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    Re: Good cnc lathe controller

    I sent you a PM.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Good cnc lathe controller

    Depends on what exactly you need to control. What safety system you want to implement? What are drives: spindle; X axis, Z axis. Is there any gearbox? What is hydraulic system? Parts catcher, bar pusher? What is turret drive and many other factors. I would start to see the encoders first and desice if I leave them as is or I will upgrade. Motor drives - the same story. Is it better to install new ones or leave present.
    Evaluate availability of new hardware components. Then you can figure out what the control specification will be - how many analog signals, what buses, how many digital inputs / outputs.
    I would say the Linuc CNC is quite flexible if you are not afraid to dig deep into operating system.

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