Hallo to all of you!

I an engineering student in NTU Athens, Greece. Our Manufacturing Lab is equiped with an Okuma MX 45 VAE, vertical machining center, manufactured in September 1996.
A month ago an overvoltage occured in the PC, which was used for DNC (at the time of the overvoltage the PC was connected on the machine via the DNC port and the machine was powered on). The overvoltage damaged the PC and from this day a DNC connection is non feasible.
I used an RS232 tester and found that the CH1 (port XB CCP 1) of the CCP board is not working, then I switched to the CH2 (port XB CCP 2), which seems to be working, but I can't establish a DNC connection.

Can the CH2 channel be used for DNC communication? If yes which parameters should I change in order to establish a connection?

I am using NCLink program and a USB-Serial adapter.