we have a 700 watt fiber laser from china ( golden laser) with an ipg laser source.

we recently moved to a new factory and after we moved the machine, i am unable to get the computer to communicate with the laser source anymore.

IPG uses this web based utilty that allows you to type in the ip address of the source and connect to that utility for monitoring and controlling the laser.

I am unable to use the machine unless i can connect the this and because of covid i cant get a tech from china , have had no luck trying to solve this myself and IPG is of little help because they didn build the machine, only the laser source.

Im in NYC and was wondering if anyone local here thought they could get my machine working again?

Basically looking for a fiber laser tech in the area who does housecalls!

Its my understanding that the issue is coming from the connection from the laser source to the computer but i really cant be certain.

Ipg tried remotely logging in to see if they could reset the IP address to get it to connect but were unsuccessful.

Its connected to a router and im wondering if either the router is bad or maybe the laser source was damaged during the move?

Any help would be apprciated.