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    Fanuc Spindle drive fault

    I have a daewoo 6HS, circa 1986, with a Fanuc 11T control system using a spindle drive number A16B-1000-0693.
    When I push the control ready button, it will not latch, and I get a spindle LED indicator. On the drive board, there is a row of four LEDs labelled FAULT 8,4,2,1. We currently have 8,2,and 1 lit. I contacted Tennessee Industrial Electronics, and they tell me that 8,2,1 is fault code 11, "DC link HI Volt".
    This is pretty much all I can get from TIE.

    We have seen aluminum electrolytic capacitors fail in other control systems after they are around 15 years old. We're leaning towards this as the problem.

    I have manuals for the Daewoo, and manuals for Fanuc 11 controls, but do not have a schematic specific to this component.

    Does anyone have access to specific scematics for fanuc?

    Has anyone experienced this fault on this series of spindle amp?

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    oops, correction, spindle drive number a20b-1000-0693

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    I do not have my books with me at the moment, but did they mean excessive current flow (not voltage), in the DC link. If so, the chances are a blown transistor.

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    Usually AL-11 is high voltage to the drive. If you have another ~0693 you can swap it with this drive.
    If the problem is AL-12 then DO NOT swap the top board. That usually indicates a blown transistor or shorted motor.
    There are some other factors for AL-11 but better check the board 1st.

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