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    Robodrill Mate Input Voltage

    I have a 2007 Robodrill Mate and need to know if there is a way to convert the power input from 200v to 220v? I have a high amp draw at machine idle and I believe this is because the previous owner had the machine configured for 200 volts whereas my power supply is at 220v (after being bucking from 245v). Any help to reconfigure the input voltage would be extremely helpful.

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    Re: Robodrill Mate Input Voltage

    Quick update for anyone that reads this 10 years from now... I had a call with Methods (dealer rep for Fanuc) and they said the machine doesn't need to be set to receive 200 or 220v. It simply accepts anything within that range. This means something else is wrong with my setup, or maybe the rotary phase converter I am using is outputting too high of voltage. They suggested that rotary phase converters normally don't work well with Robodrills since they will "dump" the excess voltage that is present from the idler before the Robodrill is turned on. Rather, they recommend a phase perfect converter.

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    Re: Robodrill Mate Input Voltage

    Quick update with a solution! I got the Mate working with the AR20 rotary converter from American Rotary. It required lowering the third leg voltages (cnc on and idle) to be very close to the non generated leg voltage. To do this a couple capacitors were removed from the RPC panel. On the AR20 it was the two capacitors on the upper right. The stock RPC starting voltages are high to account for dropping when under heavy load. However when that third leg voltage is high it sent the Robodrill into what we think is a regen state. Current draw was high with the cnc at idle and this was checked with a True RMS clamp on ohm meter. The regen state was avoided by removing the capacitors and thereby lowering the wild leg voltage to be equal to or lower than of the non generated leg. The potential downside is that under heavy loads the voltage will drop below nominal so it’s likely important that your nominal is not sitting at the low end spec of the machine. For me I believe that low end spec is 200v. The reality is that for me I’m not rarely going to be doing long heavy cuts.

    Final cnc idle voltages are now 213, 215 and 213.

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