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    Reducing RF interference question

    I have a question about reducing RF interference when wiring the Gecko 320X. Looking at the support documents for the 320X, I find it a little confusing. It sounds like that would be for a stepper motor. I am using a servo motor and that only has 2 wires. One positive and one negative. Should I use a shielded 5 conductor cable and use 2 wires connected to the positive and 2 wires connected to the negative and the 5th wire to the motor case. Or can I use a 3 wire shielded cable. 1 wire to positive, 1 wire to negative and the 3rd wire to the motor case.

    Below is the info from the Gecko 320X support documents.


    Use a shielded 5-conductor cable for your motor to drive connection; 4 of the wires go to the motor leads while the 5th goes to the motor case. Return the motor case wire to the drive’s power supply ground connection. Ground the shield to your electronics control box at the control box end only, leaving it disconnected at the drive end.

    Thanks for any replies!

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    Re: Reducing RF interference question

    Yes you can use a 3 core shielded cable with a 2 wire dc servo motor .

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