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    Using Fusion 360 CAM

    I am trying a simple program of fusion 360 CAM, but when running the program on my new SYIL X7, offset is set on top of the material in G54, but somehow my facemill, takes NO material during facing off. Haven't run the entire program yet, only because I'm very careful trying to do first cuts on my brand new machine. But why does it take any material during facing?

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    Re: Using Fusion 360 CAM

    Maybe your top Z 0 is not set exactly correct. What does the DRO read when it is doing the facing cut?
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Using Fusion 360 CAM

    Double check your stock set up. Check that you have the origin in the right spot.
    Check your depths. Is your depth defined correctly?
    Check the "Stock to Leave" option. Make sure there is zero stock if that's what you need.

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