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    Heidenhain 426M software

    I have an milling machine, DMC 100v with Heidenhain 426 M
    NC : Software 280474 15
    My harddrive BROKE, AND I GOT NO BACKUP :-(
    Is there a freindly soul, who have had the software for TNC 426M, i could get a copy of

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    Re: Heidenhain 426M software

    You need a working hard drive.
    You can use the controller to format the hard disk:
    Press and hold the MOD button when turning on.
    Select formatting from the menu.
    When done, the HEIDENHAIN system must also be installed.
    You can download it from HEIDENHAIN at this link:


    When you're done, all you need to do is get the original backup from the machine tool builder ...
    You can use TNCremo to reload:


    Always back up your machines! TNCremo can help you with this as well.

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