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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tree > Tree VMC 750 (Green Button does not work) please help
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    Tree VMC 750 (Green Button does not work) please help

    Hey there.
    I’ve got a Tree VMC 750 w/ Acramatic controller.

    I’ve got So I’m having 2 problems:
    1) I was trying to align, the table went to the corner, but the Y axis kept overtraveling and error-ing out. Couldn’t get it aligned. I put in a new proximity sensor maybe 4 months ago, for the Y axis, cause it went out and wasn’t reading. It’s been working perfectly until now.

    This was new, so I assumed it was something small. Cleared out the chips from the back wall. Reset it. Slowed down the feed. Tried again. Tried again a couple times, til controller stopped responding. So I turned off the machine, to be try a hard reset, which brings me to problem #2

    2) When I turned the machine back on, it loaded up, but it wouldn’t “start” with the green button as it normally does. So it’s stuck not able to do anything. Air pressure is good.

    I’m assuming this is because axis are over limit on start?

    Does anyone know how to manually move the axis? I’m looking around the machine and I can’t find any “doors” as I’ve read in other posts. Maybe I’m not seeing something.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Re: Tree VMC 750 (Green Button does not work) please help

    There should be a key switch for “deblock limit switch” I think on the side of the electrical cabinet. Turn the switch, press data reset, then press start. You should be able to jog off switch. Some machine you need to hold the green button or the cntl button to jog. It should stop once you’re off the switch, then turn the key and off you go.


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    Re: Tree VMC 750 (Green Button does not work) please help

    Oh… also… clean the chips out of the two grey troughs with covers on the back of the machine.

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