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Thread: Cw230 driver

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    Cw230 driver

    Which breakout board would be compatible with the Cw230 controller?

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    Re: Cw230 driver

    Quote Originally Posted by servoman1 View Post
    Which breakout board would be compatible with the Cw230 controller?

    You mean one of these?
    Any breakout board which can deliver a 5v pulse & direction signal.

    So I assume you're on a budget?. If you can get a pc with parallel port and 32 bit win7 or xp then:

    Most are or better setup to be wired common anode as per page4 fig2 in the driver manual above.
    Such as:
    I used one of these for a few years and was great.

    There are many boards that can be wired either way so be careful with your wiring and double check everything as you go.
    Such as:

    For controlling via usb if you have no parallel port I would NOT touch the NVEM based units such as:

    These are the most common boards used in basic chinese hobby machines when using usb:

    If wanting to use a laptop (or aanything win10 based) to run it then go with an ethernet controller such as the UC400eth (if using Mach or uccnc).
    Attach the 5 axis board at top of list to it using an idc26 to db25 cable (or both top baords using both ports for more IO)

    For an all in one ethernet based system I'd recommend an AXBB-E.

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