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    Ether1616 Outputs not working

    Iam trying to use the outputs of my Ether1616 board with Acorn and can not get any of them to work. Using the wizard i tried assigning an "OUTPUT1" to output 33 and did an mdi of M61 and also M94/61 but the led and relay does nothing. Also tried assigning a Custom Output of M94M95111 to the Ether1616 output 33 and did an mdi of M94/111 and nothing happens.
    Only time i can get an Ether1616 output to work is when using the <CTRL>, <ALT> and <f> button press on the Diagnostics Screen.
    Has anyone had this issue or know what iam doing wrong?


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    Re: Ether1616 Outputs not working

    I suggest that you ask this question, along with a current report from your controller, on the Centroid Acorn support forum
    Gary Campbell CNC Technology & Training
    GCnC411 (at) gmail.com www.youtube.com/user/Islaww1/videos

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