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    Looking for a mentor: ArtCam + Gerber Sabre 408

    Hello forum.
    My name is Danil. I make signs. I've been successfully using Gerber Sabre 408 for cutting profiles but having difficulties with 3d textures.
    Looking for an expert to answer my questions.

    For example:
    recently made a model a woodgrain texture, created a Machine Relief Toolpath and the cnc machine gave an X axis error. The solution was to change the Tool Clearance Strategy to constant-Z, that made the routing process very slow.
    It took 4 hours to produce what' on the image below.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Looking for a mentor: ArtCam + Gerber Sabre 408

    This kind of sign is normally made by abrasive blasting. You cut a mask and apply it to the wood, then blast away the background. The wood grain texture emerges naturally, because in a softwood, there's a differential between the hard winter growth and the soft wood that is added in the summer, and the abrasive removes more of the latter. It would go a lot quicker, and the wood grain effect would be more convincing as well.
    Andrew Werby

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