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    lathe tool and work offsets

    I have been running my converted lathe for a while now. but a problem keeps bugging me, I have a workaround but I would like to solve the problem the correct way.

    G54 (Sets work space)
    T0 M6 G43 (makes sure no tool is loaded)

    I use T1, which has the x and z offset at 0.00 and is a CCMT insert, to set the machine offsets

    I put the part in and set the Z offset using the "touch off" button

    I take a cut on the diameter, measure the diameter and set that as the X using the "touch off" button.

    I load T2, T3, T4 etc using for example T2 M6 G43, then I touch it off using a piece of thin paper (.001" thick) to the work piece and set the Z and X offset using the "tool touch off" button.

    after all the tools are setup I can load work pieces touch off with T0 using the "touch off" button and run the program, everything works fine.

    the problem:

    if I am running the program and I am in a finish cut with T1 (which has no offset from T0) and say that I am measuring .001 oversized to my way of thinking I should be able to stop the program, with T1 loaded press the "touch off" button and correct the diameter. then start that line of the program again.

    what actually happens is that the tool offsets to a strange measurement that doesn't correspond to the new part diameter.

    my workaround is I use the MDI interface and set the tool back to T0 and set the diameter.

    should it be that if I press the "touch off" that it should set the offset including the loaded tool offset?
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    Re: lathe tool and work offsets

    First off, do have a home switch on the X axis? Tools should be set to that known position. Doing the same on Z makes life easier also.


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    Re: lathe tool and work offsets

    Yes I do, I use it to sync screw compensation. Home switches on both axis.
    Life is a choice, death is choice poorly made.

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    Re: lathe tool and work offsets

    what I see from your story, there is a bit tricky workpiece zero setting together with tooltips offsets. Don't know the Linux control system, but if you can check the idea.
    The approach is used by Okuma controls since 1982.
    When you touch the workpiece with tool tip ( through thin paper ) you key in the diameter ( or Z dimension ) measured

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    Re: lathe tool and work offsets

    Hey llilrex,

    Despite using your T1 as the "zeroing" tool with G54, you should still have the ability to adjust the tool offset in T1's X & Z tool offset page. The technique you are using works well when you want to make "global" offsets to all the tools by adjusting G54.
    All the tools will be shifted the same mount by whatever amount you move the chosen axis. Typically we do not use G43 in CNC turning programming this is a Z minus tool lenght compensation for milling. T0101 is typically the programming format for turning where the
    first T01 is the actual tool number being used and the 2nd number is the offset number desired. T0101 is Tool #1 using offset #1. Try removing the G43 and carefully try using the format I just mentioned. Single block and reduced rapid pot are your friends "D Good luck and lmk.

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    Re: lathe tool and work offsets

    Don't use T0101 format unless you have set up linuxcnc specifically that way. with tool change remap code.
    G43 is required in linuxcnc - again unless you have specifically set it up to hide it's use with tool change remap code.

    As said above using 'touching off' sets the global user offset, usually G54 but you can changed that if you like.
    'tool touch off' sets the offsets just for the tool.

    Not sure how you touch off in T0 without a tool -maybe you are using T1 as T0?

    This write up may help but I don't think it's written very clearly.
    Lathe User Information

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