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    Plasma Torch Fires Arc Three Times Won't Run

    I have a Thermal Dynamics CutMaster 51 on a PlasmaCAM bed that has quit right in the middle of a job. It spits an arc three times, pauses, and spits three times again. Air continues to run freely. It will not stay on. I'm sure someone has seen this before and will know exactly what the problem is. Based on the Googleing I've done, it's either a circuit board, a bad switch on the torch, or a bad solenoid. Changing out the combustibles and O-rings had no effect. Both lights stay green on the unit, the cap on the torch is not screwed on too tight, air pressure is 90psi. Help! I was not able to get my movie down to 508.8kb, so here is a link to my YouTube Channel with a ten second video of it misbehaving:

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    Re: Plasma Torch Fires Arc Three Times Won't Run

    I am not familiar with the TD 51, but let me take a wild guess at something ...

    Have you CHANGED anything electric or electronic in your shop recently?

    I ask, because I have received many calls lately from PlasmaCam owners who talk about sudden strange behavior of their tables. After talking with them, I will almost ALWAYS discover that they added some new bright white LED lights to their shop. Those cheap Chinese lights throw off a huge amount of RF noise, and it scrambles the PlasmaCam controller box's brains. The parallel cable acts as an ANTENNA to pick up the signals from the lights,

    Think carefully, and see if you have recently added anything that may be ^%&*ing with the controller box.


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