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    Question DMM Servo Tuning

    Hello All,

    I just recently got my DMM 750W Nema 34 servos mounted on my machine and ready for tuning, however, I'm not able to run the auto tune from the DMM software. The drive (Dyn4) faults out (overcurrent) on the High Frequency Sweep test, this happens very time, I have tried to adjust the servo settings lower but nothing makes a difference. Has anyone else ever experienced this issue or know what needs to be done so the auto tuning process can be completed?


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    Re: DMM Servo Tuning

    Shows this in the manual

    - Check that the encoder feedback cable

    is securely plugged from the servo motor
    to the JP3 port of the servo drive.
    - Check for any mechanical irregularities
    that might be preventing the motors to
    move freely

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    Re: DMM Servo Tuning

    Try these settings and see what happens

    2) Position Servo Mode
    3) High Load Inertia (I don't think we tried this one yesterday)
    4) Rigid Mechanism (I know we didn't try this one)
    5) Torque Filter = High

    If this works, then change one parameter and try it again.

    The goal is to get it to tune with #2 set to Torque Servo Mode and #3 set to Belt Mechanism

    This is the only way I can think of to see what parameter it is failing on.

    Note to other readers, I spent an hour on the phone with Mark yesterday.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: DMM Servo Tuning

    Weird thing when I was tuning mine - out off 3 sets 1 would auto tune the other 2 would not. I swapped the drives over on the 2 that would not auto tune and they have worked great ever since - something you could try maybe?

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