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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EnRoute > Enroute: 1/2" bit wont work in a 3/4" dado but a 1/4" bit does
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    Enroute: 1/2" bit wont work in a 3/4" dado but a 1/4" bit does

    First time posting long time user.
    I must admit i struggle with enroute. I am programming a simple base cabinet Left and ride sides. The bottom shelf is held in place with a 3/4" dado and top as well. I also want a 1/2" rabbet down the backside but deleted it from this file. I cannot use a 1/2" bit to make my program however i can use 1/4" bit. When i chose the 1/4" bit i can no longer router the rabbet. My big question is why cant i use the 1/2" bit to plow out the 3/4" dados? same is true for the rabbet, how come a 1/2" bit wont work on the 1/2" rabbet.

    attached is the file- older version of enroute.

    I would love to get some feedback on this, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Enroute: 1/2" bit wont work in a 3/4" dado but a 1/4" bit does

    Strange, your settings seem correct except for the Feeds & Speed.
    Nothing is spec'd for it. All 0's. Were there any speeds setup for it?
    Then again I dont have the 1/4" End Mill as it flagged an error and assigned a comparable bit of that size.
    I cannot run the file this early in the morning at home.

    In the Fill, play with the Overlap and adjust to reduce cut time. Higher the #%, more passes, more time.
    Also change your Hatch angle to 90 for the separate pieces running vertically to minimize the back n forth movement.
    Im using Enroute 6. The Island Fill takes to the shape.

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