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    What is best cnc machine for noob.

    Hello what is the best cnc machine that can cut aluminum? That is affordable. Thanks. : )

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    Re: What is best cnc machine for noob.

    the biggest hurdle to making a machine to do aluminum is rigidity.

    If you require rigidity R to do wood and plastics, then you'll need 5R to do aluminum, and 20R or more for steel.

    Most of the cheap Chinese CNC router tables are OK for wood and plastics but are not rigid enough to do a convincing job on aluminum.

    Probably the best value for money machine that's rigid enough are the like of a RF45 drill mill. They can be converted to CNC if you wish.


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    Re: What is best cnc machine for noob.

    Manual Mill conversion is about it.
    PM25 size Mill as a minimum.
    RF45 size as suggested ideally for most versatility.

    DO NOT touch the sieg x2 size stuff.

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