Are there any (simple) comparisons between different epoxy granite and concrete mixes out there? I'm looking at building a small budget cnc and like the price and availability of concrete.
My plan (likely to change) would be to build a steel skeleton and then cast a concrete frame around it. I'm currently looking at cement grout, mixed with fibers and other additives. I would run a series of steel cables under tension and possibly add a bit of rebar to add strength to the concrete. It is my understanding the combination of steel frame, fibers, additives and cables under tension should greatly strengthen the concrete mix.
My biggest question is how different types of concrete and mixes compare to epoxy granite and each other. I have found plenty of videos/posts comparing different epoxy granite recipes but I haven't had any luck finding similar information on concrete.

My question is how do different concrete mixes compare? Are there any posts or videos comparing the two? Are there any posts or videos comparing different concrete mixes with each other? I have found plenty of information describing the compression strength of concrete and other properties but to be honest most of these numbers don't make a lot of sense to me ????. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!