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    Mb19 centurion 7 error 188

    Hey everybody! I'm having a heck of a time with this mb19. I purchased it in October 2021. Got it to the shop, ran great for a month. Randomly started throwing an error 188, then it got worse and worse. Got to digging thru the paperwork that came with the mill, and the controller was sent into milltronics in September 2020 because of error 188. They changed the power supply and verified everything was good. There is also paperwork for a new fiber optic cable around the same date, so that's been fixed too. What else should I be looking at? Could it be the interface board in the cabinet, seeing as the other 2 things I've seen that causes it have already been checked/changed? I'm about to pull my hair out, and I don't have much left. Lol. I also noticed that my actual rpms are no longer accurate on the screen. It bounces from 0 to 5rpms, no matter what speed I've got going. Where should I start with that? Thanks in advance. I've been scouring the web looking for answers.

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    I got with milltronics customer service (they are awesome, by the way!!) They sent me the procures for diagnosing 188 errors.. checked all my voltages, everything was good. I was to the point that we were getting quotes on a new interface. Then I brought up the rpm Guage issue, and he suggested unplugging the spindle encoder. Knock on wood, I've been running solid for 4 hours now without a single 188 error. I dont tap with this machine, so I probably won't bother getting another one. So if you are having lots of 188 errors and the rpms are not showing correctly on Your display, try unplugging the spindle encoder. Might save you the stress and headache I've had for a week.

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