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    Changing some Post Settings

    Needing A bit of help changing a few things about the post processor for my machine. I’m working with a dynapath control. I have the UPG and NC Editor open from CAMWorks and have been using them to edit my post this far. My machine specifically only wants one G command per line.

    Instead of the normal N001G17G20G40G80 safety line

    it wants


    Also the same can be said about M codes, One per line.

    Not sure how to go about doing this.

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    Re: Changing some Post Settings

    Your section code would look like this. Each line needs to start with :T: and end with <EOL>. The <N> is for your line numbers. This is the start of tape section that has your safety line. You would do the same thing for M-codes as well. That's odd that you can only have one G code per line. I've never seen a machine like that and I've run some pretty old machines. Any other machine you can have as many G codes on one line as long as they're not from the same group. Hope this helps


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