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    Stepper motors and timing gears and belts.

    I have finished a Cnc router and am part way through a laser. All the guides are complete and am read to fit stepper motor and drive belts.,.Table size is 350* 500mm. What size Nema motor would be suitable. Also what belt width and pulley gearing..

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    Re: Stepper motors and timing gears and belts.

    Hi B- comes down to how fast you want to move. Nema 17 will do the job but most would use nema 23s. For a router you need big belts for a laser small belts. Router use 16mm or 20mm or 25mm laser 10mm is fine.... gearing again depends upon the speed you want to go. If the laser and router are the same machine this is a conflict as the laser will want to go fast but the router needs to have force and cut material sort of slow. Need more info to provide more insight. Pter

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