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IndustryArena Forum > Hobby Projects > I.C. Engines > Anyone have a rottler f65-67 and wanna trade tricks or software
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    Anyone have a rottler f65-67 and wanna trade tricks or software

    i have one and im always looking for new idea's not sure if anyone here has one but worth a shot let me no what ya got.

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    May 2008
    I use an F65A, I'm not sure what your looking for, but I have some stroker clearance programs.

    I'm also working on a mastercam X post processer, but it's been not quite done for awhile now.

    I learned a few tricks about using G-code and making generic circles, but it takes a lot of time to make simple programs by hand.

    also I'm not sure what an F67A or F68A has for extra options, or if your using one of those.


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    Aug 2008

    CAM post for Direct Motion(RottlerF68A)

    I found a full fuction post for my rottler f68a. I used a Mach2/3 inch post (Modal G code, XYZ and feed, arc defined with IJ incremental, Space between instuction, and with block number) Insert standards,zero above part(or position above reference point) start spindle then let her buck.

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    How can you have a zero post count when I can see at least one?
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    Re: Anyone have a rottler f65-67 and wanna trade tricks or software

    Anyone have the installation software for a F-65? Ours went south. Bad hard drive and the floppy disks are shot.

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