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    output issues on NVCMV2.1

    I have a Mach3 with a NVCMV2.1 controller. I have configured the ports and pins as the manual says and can't get the spindle outputs or the normal outputs such output# 5 to operate. I am using "DoOemButton(235)" to turn on output#5, and it won't work. I have changed the driver, changed the USB cord, I have checked and rechecked the ports and pins setup. I must be missing something...Please help

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    Re: output issues on NVCMV2.1

    I think they all open collector outputs. There are no power on them just sitting transistors waiting for you to hook up power and load.
    You can provide power from VFD or controller itself, they offer +/- 12V for that reason.
    The photo on the link shows internal ground but your controller doesn’t have it .

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    Re: output issues on NVCMV2.1

    Perhaps you must enable your Ports - It only is a small hook in the software interface.

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