hello i couldn't find the offtopic forum, so here it is

it started with the invention of the wheel, then lathes and revolution parts poped out; prismatic also folowed;

but is there still a real need for these ? what if demand was artifically created ( like, for example, promoted in the detriment of other ), so to believe that we need this, or that being a 0.1um machinist is a thing ?

digging and messing the planet resources, cutting them like this, or plastic molds ... they got us really far, didn't they ? don't forget electrical cars that are to come, and the associated waste, also their randament, sudden exploding of iponhes, busses, etc; production sector is capable, delivers quantity, but not quality, and more waste then ever

what kind of technology/patents was supressed ? what happens if you don't agree ? how to reach such a high ierarhical position, and make a choice, without being finger pointed by the media ? or you don't even have a chance to enter, not being an inside candidate ? or you can't make a choice, since it is not approved, but at least you could write a paper and propose a recomandation, so that paper to get trashed ? is not ok ... it is a rush to nowhere