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    Gast Vacuum Pump Operation for Vacuum Table


    I am building a vacuum table for screen printing and I have vacuum pump. Is it best to turn the pump on and off each time I make a print, or let it run continuous and create a release valve to allow me to remove the print and position a new piece of paper on the table?

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    Re: Gast Vacuum Pump Operation for Vacuum Table

    makes little difference. Is the pump noisy when it runs? Its noise that most find objectionable with vacuum pumps.


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    Re: Gast Vacuum Pump Operation for Vacuum Table

    For my new CNC build, I am testing a vacuum set-up that might work for you as well. I have a Gast oil free rotary vane pump connected to an aluminum tank that acts as a vacuum reservoir. There is a vacuum check valve between the two, and a vacuum relief valve on the pump as a safety to keep the vacuum within pump specs. The vacuum to the pods is controlled by a manual plunger style valve T, which I would engage once the vacuum has been reached and the work piece is positioned on the pod(s). There is a digital vacuum switch connected to the tank to display vacuum. I plan to use it to control the pump via a relay, so that the pump maintains a set vacuum determined by the switch. I did not connect the manifold for this testing, but this is where I can control the vacuum to each zone, and use one valve to release the vacuum in certain zones. The pump pulls vacuum in the tank very quickly, so in actual use I do not see the pump needing to come on very often. I could see this functionality also meeting your needs.
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