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    Exclamation hypertherm hpr260xd error

    Dear CNC ZONE community,

    I am an owner of a Hypertherm unit, for plasma cutting.

    My consummables wear out quickly, and when I checked the operator manual they reffered to the low compressed air pressure as the fault. error code "44

    I checked the solenoid valve
    It seems fine and I changed some of them to no avail.
    Then another error appears, which is 21.
    I chose the consumable parts to no avail, and I'm still facing problems.
    When the operation starts, the torch goes out and the voltage appears on the screen well for a moment and then stops.
    When examining the electrode after the experiment, I saw it ignited in a black color from the side of the head.
    Is it possible for experts to help me
    Thank you for your cooperation

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    Re: hypertherm hpr260xd error

    I would check to make sure that your cvompressed air is clean & dry

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