Well, I am new to Mazak machines and know nothing about Mazatroal, I am programming in EIA/ISO (G&M codes)
my question is with the macro programming, for example,

when machining different parts on the same pallet with the same tool and adjusting the Z depth independently for each station I would normaly program this,
(I have not tried this on a Mazak)

(**UPPER NEST-G54.1P1**)
(***** OFFSET – Z - #701 *****)

G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90
T1 M6 T2
G0 G90 G54.1P1 X-95.166 Y-10.302 S1084 M3
G43 H1 Z25.
#30=0.250(TOLERANCE +/-)
IF[[ABS[#701]]GT#30] THEN#3000=1(#701 VALUE TO LARGE)
Z [0.0+#701] (BALLOON- 49)
G1X-82.659 Y-12.507 F875.
G3 X-67.753 Y0. R12.7
G2 I0. J0.
G3 X-82.659 Y12.507 R12.7
G1 X-95.166 Y10.302
G0 Z25.

And then use #702 for station 2, #703 for station 3, ect.
Also, on a Mazak, (this one) uses M911 & M912 for pallet call. Can I still use M71 & M82 for pallet ensurance/protect?

Thanks for any help!