This is my first time looking into lasers at all. I have CNC and and want something I can strap onto it and use immediately with little setup and no additional software.

I'm looking to buy a laser that's capable of engraving steel and wood. I don't need much depth, so I don't need a super powerful laser but I'm looking to get the most 'bang for my buck' so to speak. I'll actually be using this mainly for stripping layers of paint to reveal lower layers of paint... I know this is not an optimal solution but my needs are a little more complicated then I'm going to go into in this post. I want a laser I can vary the power of with a DC power supply or with a integrated dial on the laser module. I want something simple essentially. My second requirement is a tiny laser point 0.1-0.001mm, I don't mind buying additional focusing lenses if need be. I don't want to buy from ebay or second-hand sites. I'd really like a link to a product on amazon.co.uk. I also don't want a laser that I need a separate motherboard or additional software to control. My price range is 200-250 Euro. Honestly the engraving wood and metal is an after-thought. The reason I want to be able to vary the power is, I want to control the rate at which the paint burns off without increasing the dot size, so it doesn't char and I get the resolution I need. Am I underestimating the learning curve here or can you guys point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help in advance!

- David.