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    FreeCad processor

    I'm really new to CNC having just finished a 1.5 year CNC build. Now I'm working through learning G-code generation. I'm using FreeCad to create text using a pocket. I get an error when I load up the Gcode in PlanetCNC software; K word given for arc in xy plane. I'm using the grbl processor option in FreeCad. It works fine when I create pockets using straight lines or when engraving. Is there a processor that is specific to PlanetCNC software? Any ideas how this error is occurring? Thank you.


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    Re: FreeCad processor

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    Re: FreeCad processor

    I don't have a specific fix for FreeCad, but Fusion 360 is another option for free CAD software for part design as well as machining cutter paths. It took us a bit of time to work out the finer details, but overall it works great for us. You might be able to search YouTube for this issue with FreeCad. I'm often surprised by how many videos address random specific issues.

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    Re: FreeCad processor

    just finished a 1.5 year CNC build.
    how does it look like ?
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    Re: FreeCad processor

    Hi Kurt,
    K word given for arc in xy plane error is self-explanatory. In the XY plane the offsets are I and J for G2/3 arcs. Check your settings in FreeCad, or part orientation.

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