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    Planar Wall Profiling troubles


    My basic simple novice goal to determine the best Operation for Cookie Cutting some flat shapes from 1/8 Aluminum. I've reviewed 2D Profile Wall without Floor, 2D Profile Wall with Floor also Floor & Wall.

    2D Profile Wall w/o Floor...
    What is the suggestion for why the Toolpath is not closing while leaving gaps ?

    Is it the Engage or Start Drill Point that is causing the Gaps in the Toolpath?

    How do I remove the Gaps in the Toolpath? I have circled the Gaps with Green Pencil.
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    Re: Planar Wall Profiling troubles

    Gaps in the Toolpath review to be a configuration of the Non-Cutting Moves although I am unable to configure the attributes in such a way as to remove the Gaps in the toolpath.

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    Re: Planar Wall Profiling troubles

    Did you try creating a curve and between your objects and use follow curve?

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