Devices we work with:

MEASURING: (certifie according to ISO 12360

FARO measuring arms - length from 1.2 to 4 m
High accuracy 3D scanner - certified in accordance with ISO 12360
CMM 500 mm 300 mm 200 mm measuring machine
for large size measurements Laser Tracker Vantage E with 6 dot system


HAAS VF3 SS machining center - fast machining of details 1016 mm, 508 mm, 635 mm
HAAS ST 30 CNC lathe longitudinal travel in the Z axis 660 mm, max turning diameter 580 mm
DMG CMX 600 V machining center
DMG CLX 350 lathe
DMG NEF400 - lathe
Welding in the TIG MIG technology
Own powder paint shop with chemical passivation

advanced mobile and on site 3D measurements in our laboratory
We measure devices, tests, instruments and prototypes
Comparing the actual product with the CAD model
Reverse engineering - creating parametric CAD models based on data obtained in the process od 3D scanning
Special measurements: setting of welding devices, control of control and assembly devices and gauges, laser inspection of CNC machine tools, precise large size measurements, static and dynamic measurements
Short series and prototype CNC milling and turning, production of parts and details
Welding of steel and aluminium
Coating application: oxidation, nodding, galvanizing, hardening
Powder painting

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