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    China newker 1000 series servo gear ratio

    Hi there

    As seen in the photos, when I say go 1 mm, when it goes forward, it goes missing. How is the belt system calculation done? I did not fully understand the handbook you gave.

    my Y axis

    When 3mm goes, the bench goes 2.91mm.

    When 2mm goes, the bench goes 1.92mm.

    When 0.3mm goes, the bench goes 0.26mm.

    My gear system:

    Servo shaft: 24 tooth

    ball screw input : 49 tooth

    Ball screw pitch: 5 mm (1 turn)

    Please check my gear parameter 1.jpg picture for y axis.I think,its is a wrong

    I think my settings are wrong, can you calculate for me?

    I am waiting for your reply.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0,30mm.jpg   2mm.jpg   3mm.jpg   gearparameter1.jpg  

    gearparameter2.jpg   millscrew.png   my belt system y axis.jpg  

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    Re: China newker 1000 series servo gear ratio

    After the first move to -0.3 mm, the change in position equals the change in move. So the settings are OK.

    You have backlash/play/tilt in your Z-axis resulting in about 0.08 mm backlash. Check the play in your guides, spindle nut, spindle bearing, flexible coupler, belt elasticity, belt / pulley mismatch. Even the indicator could suffer from backlash.

    Mount a bolt on the large pulley, mount an indicator (magnetic holder) on the frame and move the pulley CW. zero the dial (ref position), move the pulley ccw a small step and thancw back to the reference position. It should be zero again. Repeat the procedure but now rotating the pully not a small step, but half a turn. It should be 0 again.
    Repeat the steps above but now in the opposite direction. I guess, you will find the source of most of you problems.

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