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    Help on Emmegi Diamant Equipment Using Camplus

    I am looking for someone, anyone who has experience with Emmegi equipment. Emmegi is Italian made equipment using propietary software, Camplus software. My experience has been with Solidworks/Camworks on Mazak equipment. If anyone is familiar with Emmegi or Camplus or knows of a third party software that can be used instead of Camplus with Emmegi, I would be very interested in talking with them. Camplus seems to be pretty straight forward in itself, looks can be deceiving, but you have to use about 4 different software packages, Camplus, Drill, Cam, Job to set up a production run. It seems there should be a quicker, easier and more straight forward way of doing this. We are not machine complicated features here, they are holes and slots.

    Thanks in advance,


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    A little late but....

    I have used knowledge using CAMPlus, we have two Phantomatic T4. I would be interested in talking to you about issues you have ran into with these machines.


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    Camplus Software on Diamant Emmegi machine


    I am using Camplus Software on our Diamant 4 axis machine. I only been using this for about 3 months. We an Aluminum Factory in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. So we are using this machine to makes holes, slots, notches(with Saw Blade) for Windows and Doors of all types. We have around 50 different profile configurations.

    I am designing with Camplus, if you have different sizes, etc.. you may enter into Job software and then send it to the Drill software(the machine itself).

    Yes, the setup can be sometimes a little challenging, but once it is setup and tested, the machine is great.

    Although i do not like manually adjusting the clamps or vices for different profiles.


    Gary Joyner

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    i've been using the emmegi phantomatic t5 for about a year and a half now.the dxf files are limited to just 4 profiles because the other dxf profiles that we install cannot be read by the computer. so, i had to adjust holes,notchings and blade dimensions especially on the z axis.

    it's a little complicated but we can mill all the job orders that come to us,except for pieces that have short lenghts.

    the machine is great.

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    hi there,
    we recently bought this machine T3 star for basically machining aluminum extrusions, our part profiles are little complicated with cutouts on the ends and radiuses.
    like someone else mentioned in on of the threads that there are ways to get around but I still find a lot limitations within the interface.
    since we are new to this software I am running into some basic issues while programming so basically I am looking for guidance.
    the support from Emmegi is not that super or very efficient.
    if anyone can help me here plz reply to this thread.


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    I have a vast amount of experience with and Emmegi Satellite XL and programming using CAMPlus.

    Unless you purchased the G-code (or ISO as they refer to it) code option you are stuck using their software.

    You only need to program in CAMPlus, then export to LDA which is opened directly in Drill loaded on the machine. Job is not needed unless you are grouping a bunch of programs to be cut from bar.

    EDIT TO ADD: Oops, didn't realize at first this is a 6 year old post.

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    Hi sir

    Hi sir ...how are u
    now i am working wmmegi xl satellite

    my knowledge is goood

    but i have a big proplem (making arcs)

    how can i ake an any arc
    can u give me example

    what are the data can give u the custumer for arc
    and how can u make it on camplus

    and i have other q
    how can i make and difficult shapes like stars or any closed shape
    any help will be so apperciated
    can u text me to my mail

    thank u

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    Hi Mr G....plz
    can i contact u ?
    i need u so necessary

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    hi mr G

    can i contact u

    this is my mail

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    hi mr g

    please help us
    i think u are so profetional
    i want a way
    to see my work on the peice on computer before real working
    plz help me

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    Apr 2019
    I am a current operator and programmer for a emmegi t4 comet. I used this cnc mill to produce aluminum extensions of many different shapes and sizes daily for us in the production of trucks bodies and grain trailers. If anyone needs help with programming and or operating issues feel free to ask and I will help as best I can to answer all your questions. These machine are and can be tricky to say the least to setup however once the initial and proper set up is complete all runs are possible there after.

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