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    Hypertherm -vs- Miller

    I already have a Miller Mig and a TIG machine. Been happy with them so far.

    Time to order a plasma.

    Was going to get the Spectrum 2050

    debating now -vs- the

    hypertherm powermax 1000

    will eventually be made into CNC machine Once i get my mill converted.

    Any thoughts of 1 -vs- other?

    Price between them is similar enough isn't issue.

    Any input is appreciated.

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    hypertherm has been in the plasma bussines a lot longer then miller has. Personally I would go for the hypertherm. You should check if you can get a machine torch for the miller machine you mention. For the hypertherm you deffinetly can.

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    Naturally I am biased because I work for hypertherm but another consideration is to go to a distributor and physically paw over each of these beauties. Check build quality and ergonomics which may better suit you as a end user. When it is time to spend such dollar amounts I would also recommend the request of a cut sample. I know here at hypertherm we provide samples to distributors so customers get an idea of what they can achieve for cuts on certain types of material.
    Some things to consider as well, is cutting cost per foot, engine drive rating, air usage, and quality of support. Good luck with your decision and let us know how it turns out.

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    I too am considering purchasing one of these two machines.

    One consideration that is pushing me toward the Powermax 1000 is that it is selectable down to 20A. The Spectrum 2050 is only controllable down to 25A.

    I am told that this is an important consideration if you want to cut thin aluminum (or other material) with the machine.

    Good luck.

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    i have a little hypertherm plasma and have been very happy with it. I also have 2 miller welding machines and have also been very happy

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    Smile YOU ASKED

    I also have many blue machines and like them all, but when it came time to buy a plaz for my ez router-plasma table it wasn't even a coin toss. After all that I had read on this site I knew it was going to be a Hypertherm 1000 with a machine torch. I did all the wiring and hook ups myself, it was easy and all in the Hypertherm book. I have been cutting with it now for 10 months and have had no problems. After about of month of cutting one of the techs from Hypertherm called and ask how things were going and if he could answer any questions, he was very helpful.Not saying that Miller couldn't do the same thing but Hypertherm has been doing this a long time and has a very good track record.There's my 2 cents,feel free to ask for more info. CURLY

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    I have 3 Miller welders and they are great! My plasma cutter is a Hypertherm and it is great!


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