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    Drawing Size and Cut Size Differ - Plasma

    I Draw a DXF square 100mm x 100mm in my design software, then import the DXF into Lazycam, the scale on the top right (in lazycam) says 2,23units, however when i click on the layer, the layer information displays the 100mm X 100mm, then i import to Mach3, and the cut is tiny... i cant seem to get my machine to cut the correct size,

    i have run the "set Steps Per" function and that moves 100mm when i tell it to... so it seems correct on that side..

    I just cant fix this!, any comments.. please

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    Not sure what's happening with the cut. Is the cut off by some wild factor like 10X ? I am curious why this is posted in the emc forum.
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    The CAM software doesn't lie. The DXF output format will output in drawing units, not MM or inches. When you draw the part in your CAD package, draw it 100 drawing units by 100 drawing units and it will come in to your CAM package 100X100.

    Check your dimensioning scale in your CAD package - it might be throwing you off if there is some scale set other than 1:1 - you might be using it to adjust the size of your part rather than paying attention to the drawing unit size.

    ****edit**** After re-reading your post, it could be that there is a scaling factor set within CAM. You did say your layer info states your part is the correct size so if it is changing, it's likely your CAM is re-scaling it upon output.

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    sorry mr administrator!!

    i was supposed to be in the Mach3 thread... oops...

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    just go to this URL,follow the instructions, and install emc2 over windows/machwhatever....
    : )

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    Its actually very strange, i am running Windows and Lunux with EMC, the problem where my design size and cut size differ only occurs on the Windows installation using Mach3...

    I am just getting EMC configured correctly, thereafter i will switch to Linux i think..

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