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    Lamest maching question ever -- mill reach

    I blame my stupid question on being a girl. Just kidding. I blame it on a lack of machining experience.

    I performed a draft cut of a part tonight with the .125 flat end mill. It looks good. When I swapped it out for my .032 ball end mill, I began thinking: won't the taper where the end mill meets the larger shaft that goes into the collet cut into my part? The part is deeper than the .032's reach.

    Am I condemned to only machining parts within the end mill's reach or with a curve or a step or is the MDX software smart enough to know it's going to cut in and avoid that area?


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    you have to relieve the endmill back far enough to clear,but remember you can only cut so deep with a small endmill,and need to take smaller cuts as is can deflect alot easier no that is relieved

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