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    Bridgeport interact 4 - KTK drive

    Hey guys,

    This is first time in the forum.

    I have problem whit my machine ( Bridgeport interact 4 series II - TNC2500 heidenhain).
    The spindle motor only work up to 2000 rpm , is suppose work up to 4000rpm, everything else works.
    I think the problem is from ktk drive, I have one person can help me but he need the ktk manual.

    I have part of manual but not all (are lost).

    Anyone now were I can locate a ktk manual????

    thanks for the help.

    email : luismlgomes@yahoo.com

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    Hi Everyone , Just a quicken , Im working on bringing back my Interact 1 Mk 2 to life , now as many of you know finding the right manuals is difficult and often you end up having to pay for them Now ive been lucky enough that one of the forum members kindly sent me the docs for the ktk drive ( thank you mr Gamble) but i wish it had been easier This is a link to the KTK docs that i now have as well as my manual Happy fixing

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