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    post processors

    Just wondering if anyone has a fadal lathe post. posts are tough to come by on the net without costing a bundle.

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    Wouldn't we have to know what software package you are using?
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    Well you will not find a post for a fadal lathe as fadal does not make lathes.
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    If they did what would the post look like?

    Maybe we can just guess at a Fadal Lathe post.

    You sure you don't mean Fanuc?

    And what software as mentioned will be critical. This is one reason I love Edgecam, the post editor works like a champ for making minor tweaks.

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    sorry people, another person wrote me looking for it, i just forwarded the question. at my place we don't have any fadals. mostly mazak, haas, dmg, and kitamura. i believe the software he is using is mcs anvil express. Maybe he meant fadal mills because i know they have a few. thanks for the responses though.

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