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    Alarm 501 OT Won’t Go Away

    I’ve been having an issue with a KOIKE Laser, 2005 model. It has a FANUC 160 series control. It is throwing a 501 alarm due to a V axis over travel. The machine is locked until the alarm is cleared. Manually moving the head backwards and resetting does not work. The servo motor cannot be manually moved back without doing it from the control and that cannot be done because of the alarm. What options do I have for manually overriding the alarm?

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    Alarm 501 OT Won’t Go Away

    Over travel alarm on 2005 KOIKE Laser won’t go away. It is a V axis over travel. We have manually moved the head but that will not work because the computer is not recognizing the head has been moved but we can’t move the motor back from the control because of the alarm. What options do we have to manually override the alarm?

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    Re: Alarm 501 OT Won’t Go Away

    If you hit a hard overtravel switch, check that it's not stuck in the actuated position. They can go for years without being touched, then one day they get hit. You might get stuck if you hadn't moved in years too. :-)

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