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    Neilw20, the time I alluded to earlier was a delay, IIRc. Been several days ago, now, so I dont remember what it was for.

    And, the fun continues......Sharp thinks they know what the part is that I need, and sent me one next day air. I needed a "brake" they sent me a "book", an operation manual for a conventional mill. Of course, I called the parts dept. and left messages. They didnt call back today, so getting the right part tomorrow is now impossible. Come to think if it, they have yet to return any of my calls or those of my repairman.

    I am beginning to think it is good that they make such a dependable machine, if I were to have alot of problems I dont know if I could handle this for long. You get to feeling all alone when you have been down 8 days and machine tool company wont talk to you, and the only help you have gotten from your dealership is from the secretary. i have heard guys complain about poor service before, but never experienced it for myself until now. I know I am starting to whine a little, but if you have read this far, at least you are listening....

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    Talking China ok.

    I just got a warranty 600w power supply direct from SYIL to Melbourne, Australia in 4 days, and you are having trouble with the locals??
    By the way, the earlier free repair offer is still current (LOL). Sorry. I shall not LOL. You have a real problem and I see they are doing it by the book.
    Super X3. 3600rpm. Sheridan 6"x24" Lathe + more. Three ways to fix things: The right way, the other way, and maybe your way, which is possibly a faster wrong way.

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    same problem with mine

    Sharp has a new tool change macro you can try either via internet or through a flash card.
    I used the macro for a while and the the same thing came back after a while. (FYI in the trouble shooting screen, all the 1's and 0's are lined up saying all is cool (mechanically/limit switches/I/Os) to change a tool so it appeared to be a software issue.
    I did add dwell as mentioned and it cured the problem....so far. Seemed that the tool change macro was moving to fast for the control to read. Knock on wood.
    Oh...keep an eye on the "air only" tool release cylinder. Had some issues with that and Sharp sent me an Air over hydraulic cylinder that is working great. Later, Matt

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    Problem Solved?

    Well, it's been almost a month since I added the dwell and it seems as though that has fixed my problem. My machine has not missed a beat since adding the dwell and the small delay is almost imperceptable now. I would just like to thank everyone for helping out.

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    Mine is humming along as well with the added dwell, I would still like to see the new one offered.

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    Re: Machine hang during tool change

    Hello everyone, this is a little different issue.
    When running the program normally and when the machine z axis go to tool changer position for the next tool change the machine stays hanging at M6 line and it won’t execute the tool change. I have currently 5 tool changes in this program and it does it randomly and sometimes won’t do it.
    Does anybody came up with the possible solution for this issue?
    Any ideas?


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