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Thread: 3d carvings

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    3d carvings

    I have been researching 3d work with cnc ,it looks like the average person cannot make up the code but if you get it or purchase it then you can use vcarve pro to do the job.
    Is there any other way to draw up 3d ,what about scanners expensive?

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    check my thread:-)

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    Rhino 3d is the best bang-for-buck software for creating true, free form 3d. Of course, you would need Rhinocam, Madcam, or any other CAM software to create g-code from your drawings.

    No limit to what you can draw, but expect to invest lots of time learning to use it, or any other 3d software.


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    Crawl First - Cheaply!

    I suspect I'm about where you are. Tempted by the ease of buying pre-programmed designs that are very popular on the wood/router side but wanting to choose where I want my own slots, pockets and holes to end up which is what you get on the metal mill/lathe side.

    I've been researching this question cum dilemma for many months and my first thought is this:

    Don't buy into the concept that you need to be talked into going the total capability/expensive route from the start that you may get from some Church of the Latter Day Techno Geeks crowd - and that's not meant as an insult to their ability because they know tons of cool stuff.

    My first few tries at 3D were VERY frustrating even though I've used a powerful 2D program for many years. In fact, I'm about to make a fourth try with something called CoCreate Personal Edition http://www.cocreate.com/products/Mod...-Overview.aspx. Why because it's FREE and claims to be quite a bit easier to learn.

    My interests are on the invention side of things so the software and even hardware bits are more a means to an end for me - I need easy-to-learn, dependable (de-bugged) and lower-cost. Not because I wouldn't love to be able to do what "those" guys do but just because this is what I need/want to do. I've come to learn that nearly all of the people on the various forums are wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable but I must keep in mind what it is that "I" need help with, be politely persistent in sticking to that, and, when I've learned something well enough from them, to pay it forward.


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