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    Angry Looking for 3D NC Machine models!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for solid CAD models of the following machines:

    "Machine Manufacturer" - "Model Number" - Purpose

    "Dadson" - "DS2530 - ED" - Ejector Drill Machine
    "Mazak" - "Intergrex E-650-H" - Integrated Mill / Lathe
    "Sunnen Hone" - "SV-437HT2T1E" - Honing Machine
    "Knuth" - "Sinus 330" - Engine Lathe
    "Mazak" - "Integrex 300-II" - Integrated Mill / Lathe
    "Komo" - "Komo?" - Mill
    "Okuma" - " LB-45" - Lathe
    "Okuma" - "LC-30" - Lathe
    "Okuma" - "LT-25" - Lathe
    "Okuma" - "GP-26T" - Grinder
    "Makino" - "MC-86" - Makino Horizontal
    "Mori Seiki" - "MH-63" - Mill
    "Mori Seiki" - "MV-50" - Mill
    "Mori Seiki" - "MV-653" - Mill
    "Mazak" - "Nexus 350" - ?
    "Mori Seiki" - "SL-35" - Slant Turn Lathe
    "Mori Seiki" - "SL-6" - Slant Turn Lathe
    "Mori Seiki" - "Slant Turn 60N" - Slant Turn Lathe
    "Mori Seiki" - "Slant Turn 50N" - Slant Turn Lathe
    "Mazak" - "Vari-Axis 730" - Variable Axis Mill / Drill
    "Mori Seiki" - "ZL-45" - Lathe

    I am having no luck out there. I am working on a project to program some motion into these machines as a school assignment. I've got note to the manufacturers, but no one post anything out for the public. I'm going to be using NX for my project, but I'll take the files in any format - STL, IGES, STEP, DWG. I just ask they are 3D.



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    I want to bay a machine to engrave 3D in cooper size about A4 page x,y and z about 3". What kind of machine is for my projekt?

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    Have you had any luck finding the models?

    You could e-mail me at Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail:

    My username JosephJonathanGould on all three.

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    Re: Looking for 3D NC Machine models!!!

    Anybody have CAD model of Mazak Integrex machine? Thank you

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