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    Join DOS to Win/Mach Upgrade Discussion?


    I'm about to start a DOS to Windows upgrade so that I can run Mach3 and, just as importantly, its growing wizard capability.
    - 1st: I ask you to understand that I'm a Mac person so I'm already suffering culture shock!
    - 2nd:, I am receiving some very good help from stateside but it would be nice to connect with some Canucks just in case something clicks at that level (or you live nearby).
    - 3rd: I kindly ask you to understand that I have a brain injury type disability which makes me need to use wizards so PLEASE don't tell me how easy it is to learn/remember G code - (a) I don't "remember" very much and that effects the "learn" part, and (b) my IQ (for what that's worth - perhaps ability to understand?) is still well up there so you don't need to talk down - just please don't be offended if I don't remember or confuse your last message. This means you don't need to be uncomfortable. I say this only because I need you to not assume that I'm "typical".
    - 4th: Let's do something more than introductions so we can take over the world - or at least, lower the cost of beer.

    I bought my (little) machine on FleaBay and got screwed. It's a 1989 vintage D&M (Sherline based) mill trainer. How does someone actually manage to bend lead screws by nearly an inch from centre line (notice how I spelled centre?). I'm fixing up the mill now with new leadscres, backlash adjusters, etc. I've also just received a Probotix parallel card that will (hopefully) work with the three separate stepper driver cards in my machine. Assuming that these, the power supply, etc. still function, I'm hopeful that may be what's needed to get Mach3 to talk to my steppers.

    This is to be a "see if I can do it in time" machine for me so I won't be mounting 3,578,641 oz/inch (or is that in/oz) motors and a 575v 3-phase spindle motor to get 3000 ipm rapids of my Sherline just yet... so please be kind and bear (or is that bare?) with me. (I just tried a grinning imoticon and I think it may have gone somewhere else.)

    I really am not trying to be flippant or rude to anyone here (humour is my crutch but if it bothers you, just tell me... I'll forget of course). I think I just lost another grinning imoticon.

    Anyone else in the same or similar newbie boat or willing to offer some guidance???

    Thanks kindly,

    P.S. I just deleted the grinning imoticon that I found with the title.

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    Are you getting a new PC, or installing windows on a PC with DOS installed? If the lattter, I'm guessing the the PC may not be fast enough for Mach3.

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    Hi Gerry,

    I've actually got an older PC with Win XP home Ed. installed and, I think, about 1,024 of RAM. Can't remember the processor's speed but it's probably a Celeron so maybe a bit weak on the math co-processor side.

    Thanks for the heads up,

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