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    making 2d 3d plaques from jpg or bmp files

    I am hoping to be able to make some 2d 3d files from bmp and jpg pictures.I was able to try artcam head wizard
    and it looks like it might work.
    Scanned a face then produced a 2d file and set up a tool path,before you set the tool path it produces a *.art file which is accepted by no one like the vetric package,so i was wondering if one could convert an *.art file to something else,or am i using the wrong program.

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    Good, quick answers


    I don't have the expertise to respond to your question directly but I think you would quickly find very helpful people on the mach1mach2cnc forum(s) an excellent site and on the shopbot forum(s), another very good one.

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    Export an .stl from ArtCAM. But if you're already in Artcam, why not create the toolpaths in ArtCAM?

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    thanks for the tip

    You're right and i have imported a bmp face ran it throught artcam created a toolpath and saved it .
    I just felt more comfortable in cut3d by vetric.
    It seems simple enough and is it,will this cut out ok and look like something

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