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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > Rebuild of Sanyo-Denki 750W servo possible?
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    Rebuild of Sanyo-Denki 750W servo possible?

    I sometimes get S-D servos very cheap but this time I think it is something mechanically wrong with one.
    It makes more noise than a good one when powered, I can't feel any slop in the bearings but I haven't been able to test it under load.
    Is it possible to take it apart to take a look without ruining it?
    I'll propably end up paying between 30 and 50 dollars for it so it's no big del, I just want to know if it's possible to fix it in some way?



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    What makes you think there is something wrong mechanically? with a BLDC or AC type there is nothing much mechanically other than bearings.
    In some cases with BLDC types, commutation defect or wrong phasing can cause what appears to be mechanical noise.
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    I have tried an identical servo with the same setup and there is a marked difference in the noiselevel.
    Also the noisy one looks more battered and has propably seen heavier use.
    Maybe it's one of the bearings after all.

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    I bought it anyway for about 40$, I'll see if it holds up!

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