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    resolver removal

    I have a servo motor and am having a time getting the resolver off. Is there a slip ring or anything that sits behind the resolver or is it just plain pressure that is holding it on?
    the motor is a GMB it is out of sweden. It has a tamagawa smartsynch resolver on it.
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    Normally they are held on with three synco mount clips, often with allen head screws, that fit in a circle milled around the mounting end of the resolver?
    What make of motor, if you can post a picture it may help.
    IOW most of the time you can remove from the Body end of the resolver, otherwise it would entail getting access to the shaft end, they are often coupled to the driving element, by a small flexible coupling that has to be released before removal.
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    looks like that's just pressed onto the shaft of the motor. I have a pac-sci that's like that, dunno how to get it off

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