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    fiberglass gas tank and leaking.

    been doing some trial and error over the past few months on polyester and vinylester resins. I have found that in making my fiberglass gas tanks that the fibers are being eatten away even with a liner of Kreem or Red Kote. My only other thought is to go with an epoxy resin and the liner. Has anyone else delt with this and if so what did you do.

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    epoxy is a real workhorse when it comes to chemical resistance. For exemple, fiberglass tubes for the petro/chemical industry comes with an epoxy rich inside layer. I would suggest to create an inside "gel coat" with only epoxy

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    Be sure to check with the resin manufacturer (not just the re-seller) as most resins are not suitable for fuel tank use. Even with the apparant "ideal" nature of epoxy for tanks gasoline will usually win out in the end for eating away at epoxy. Several boating web sites have reported problems of this type. Check the West Systems (Gougen Brothers) website http://www.westsystem.com/
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    Dunno that, check the epoxi type (low molecular is better) and post heat the laminate to maximize properties.

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    Try truck bed liner. The spray-in stuff, like.

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    Built a 150 Liter diesel tank. Used epoxy and then painted the inside with red then white CARBOLINE 2 part (epoxy) paint. The red helps telegraph any holidays when you put on the white. Works like a champ! You'll have to look for the source for the Carboline - but as I understood its an "industry standard" for fuel tanks. Maybe Wicks Aircraft supply or Aircraft Spruce? (the company).

    Be sure and pressure test at about 5 - 10 psi-- if no leaks -- you're done!
    :cheers: Jim

    try this on for size:
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    RaceComp make carbon tanks with pre-preg carbon, autoclave cured. If you use the correct epoxy you will have no problems will petrol, Methanol or Nitro Methane.

    Here are few of our tanks.
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