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    Machining High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

    I have to cut 3/4" HDPE and 1/2" HDPE. My machine and tool specifications are as follows:

    The Bit:
    - CMT Brand
    - 1/4" Diameter
    - 1/4" Shank
    - 1" Cut Depth
    - 2-1/2" Length
    - 2 Flute

    - Porter and Cable Brand
    - Electronic five-speed: 10,000; 13,000; 16,000; 19,000; 21,000 RPM

    What feedrate (IPM), spindle speed (RPM), and depth of cut should I make per pass?

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    go fast

    I have cut a lot of HDPE my mills only have 10000 rpm but if I had more rpm i could go faster I can run 175 ipm with 10000 rpm I would recomend start there and work up more rpm then ipm just keep an eye on the chip if it gets to thick go more rpm you can push it pretty hard its a fun mat. to work with ps keep sharp tools handy
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    machine as fast rpm and ipm as you can until the material starts to melt and then back r down on the rpm. it cuts really nice unles your running it on a lathe, then it winds up on everything because you just cant push it hard enough to break the chip.

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    I am recently shifted in Oregon and I need HDPE Tubing, do you have any reference of any local distributor? Previously I was living in Michigan and used to order my HDPE Tubing from: https://www.spiratex.com Thanks!!

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