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    Red face Toolpath Spaces

    I am using G-scriber to get familiar with CAM based software, it's free for 30 day trial and appears to be user friendly.

    The question I have and I don't know if this is with all cam based software is that after you have made the toolpaths at two intersecting lines or between a polyline and a radius, ther always is a gap on the toolpath line.

    Will the cnc program naturally follow the toolpath to the next line or do I have to manually generate another small toolpath to connect these interrupted toolpaths. Or is it that since this software was very inexpensive that is what you get.


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    the way G code is, you give it a starting point, then the next point, it will connect the two.. eg.

    G01 X1. Y1.
    G01 X2. Y2.

    would make an angular line from 1,1 to 2,2

    it all depends on the generated gcode.. if you post code where the 'gap' is, I could explain what its going to do..

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