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Thread: cnc grinding

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    Post cnc grinding

    Is there anyone out there trying to grind on a cnc mill? I'm experimenting with 2" dia type W mounted points held in a collet and attempting to grind a cylindrical boss. My tolerance on a 3" diameter boss, 3" long, is +/-.0005 diameter with a 32 or better finish.

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    Without really "fine tuning" I doubt a typical vertical mill will reliably hold .0005" tolerance. Is there a roundness tolerance?

    Can you build up the rpm for grinding? It may be possible to do so with a "speeder" or jig grinder attachment.

    What about grit messing up the way surfaces? Could be somehow protected, I 'spose. I know we used to grind on lathes with toolpost grinders, but what a mess!! Oil soaked rags wrapped over exposed surfaces to catch grit etc.

    Is it possible to use single layer plated wheels? Probably that would require an elaborate coolant system.

    The short answer? Probably can be done, but I wouldn't do it. You didn't give much to go on as far as specifications (material etc. and complete tolerances). I'd find a jig grinding source if precision is required.

    Dick Z

    add: check this out http://www.vulcancut.com/vulcanaire.html

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